links for 2009-07-28

Send us your rejects: Rejecta Mathematica goes live – Ars Technica "Rejecta Mathematica, which is online only and open access, has some simple rules for publication. Papers had to be submitted for peer review at one or more other journals, and they had to have been rejected, either by the journal's editors or the paper's […]

links for 2009-07-24

Bacterial Edge Detector Wicked cool. "One of Ginkgo’s favorite biological engineers – Jeff Tabor, has just published his latest engineered biological system, a bacterial edge detector, in Cell Magazine." (tags: molecularist synthbio biotech bacteria programming engineering bioengineering cool) Non-Embryonic Stem Cells Pass Major Hurdle in Mice – "Those cells are derived from ordinary skin […]

links for 2009-07-09

Kitchen biology. The rise of do-it-yourself biology democratizes science, but is it dangerous to public health and the environment? via jasonbobe (tags: diybio science biology review) A drug’s unintended use restores the gift of hearing – The Boston Globe "Today, Garrett’s hearing is near-perfect in one ear, her rare neurological ailment treated by a drug […]

links for 2009-07-03

40 tall ships will arrive in Boston next week for public viewing – The Boston Globe Just the week we arrive. I wonder if we'll have the time (or energy) to go visit. "The public will be invited to view about 40 Tall Ships in Boston Harbor and Winthrop at next week’s Sail Boston 2009 […]

links for 2009-07-02

How to build an ark – "We're in the worst recession of most people's lifetime, and in the midst of the worst stretch of summer weather that anyone can remember. Have things reached biblical proportions? Maybe not, but just in case, we thought it might help to provide instructions on how to build an […]

links for 2009-07-01

CloneSaver Card Hooray for old school. "Store sample DNA for years at room temperature Plasmid DNA stored on CloneSaver Cards is stable at room temperature for at least four years…and counting." (tags: molecularist oldskool biotech diybio science dna tools)

links for 2009-06-30

Google’s Africa Strategy: Search And Trade Via SMS "For the majority of the world’s population, that means making it available on a cell phone, and not a fancy iPhone or Android with a Web browser either. I’m talking about $10 cell phones with not much more than voice and SMS capabilities. If Google can reach […]