links for 2009-08-29

iPhone bicycle ergonomics app would make an awesome human factors tool – Core77 This is cool. I always get pesnickety when I see folks biking by with poor conformation (seat too high, too low, wonky ankle movement, and so on). This should help folks. And, oh, it's on an iPhone, not on a Symbian device. […]

links for 2009-08-21

enicycle – electric unicycle Cooler than a Segway. [via core77] (tags: design bike electric cool transportation motorized)

Five things to make media socialize (plus one bonus feature)

A colleague, John Markow, and I were discussing how to explain to people what features a piece of media should have to make it useful socially on the Web. We came up with this a long time ago and neither of us have written anything about this. But I'm still regularly telling folks about this, […]

links for 2009-08-19

Living bridges – architechture out of trees "Take for example the living root bridges of the War-Khasis tribe in Northeastern India. Strong, flexible roots are trained to grow across rivers and take root on the far side. While a bridge can take 10 years to grow some may be more than 500 years old and […]