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For those who know, this summer has been busy for me: I stepped down from my fun job as Editor-in-Chief at Nokia Conversations and I moved my family (and dog) from Finland to the US. As if this were not enough, I have left Nokia today and have started to work at Children’s Hospital Boston.

I am now Senior Web Producer for Children’s Hospital Trust, the fundraising arm of Children’s Hospital Boston. In addition to media production, especially videos, I’m leading the Trust’s engagement with patients, families, and advocates through online social networking services (social media marketing and fundraising, similar to what I did at Nokia).

I’m excited to be doing more than selling electronics. And it’s great to be back at Children’s (it’s where I was a bit before I joined Nokia).

I’ll have more to say in future. For now, I’m sprucing up and stoking the Trust’s presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (the social media toolkit version 2009, of course) among other things. And they will have me making videos like crazy.

The funny thing is that it’s like starting all over again, training a corporation new to the joys of the conversational Web.

I haven’t updated my station identification yet to reflect these changes, but will soon. Until then, my about page says enough.

More later. For sure.


  1. Man, congratulations, Charlie. I really couldn’t think of a better place for you to be – it sounds completely awesome, and combines a few of your passions, as well. I can’t wait to follow along, even though I don’t live in the Boston area, and I know you’ll do awesome at your new job. Keep in touch.

  2. Funny enough I was thinking about the same thing. I’ve been debating whether or not to go for a PhD for a while now, given that there isn’t any scholarship for a co-PhD between Lebanon and France, and that staying in France the whole 3-4 yrs isn’t really an option, and I kind of took the decision not to do a PhD. It was a difficult one, knowing that I’ve been basing my whole life decisions on it since I was 15, but I feel that it’s an opportunity to look for new possibilities.
    I’m still in France now, but should be headed back to Lebanon in a short while, so I’ve been thinking a lot about which direction to go into. Mixing the social media aspect with the medical aspect is definitely one of the ideas that I’ve been going through the most. I’m really happy that you ended up with this job, it seems a lot like what we were talking about when you came here, and a lot of fun and benefit for both you and the children.
    Congrats to you, and here’s hoping that I end up finding my heart in whatever job I take back in Lebanon.

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