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Microbial Art (tags: biology art microbiology bacteria yeast fungi science play) All-Sky Milky Way Panorama 2.0 (tags: images photography astronomy space graphics panorama milkyway) Tippling through the ages I love these sorts of stories. [via @jasonhoyt] (tags: beer brewing cooking history science microbiology yeast archaeology) Layoffs Confirmed At 23andMe Hm. Triggers lots of thoughts…. (tags: […]

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Hello Traackr – Helping Identify and Engage with Influencers Yay, @karllong! (tags: tools media social marketing measurement)

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Cell Size and Scale Really cool micro-macro sliding scale. [via @sciencegoddess] (tags: science design biology visualization art fun animation genetics interactive bioscience atom structure cells scale size cell microscope awesome)

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Inspiration Served, Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards (tags: businesscards letterpress cards brand marketing cool) 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design | Naldz Graphics (tags: business design marketing ideas inspiration company identity business-card cards showcase card designs businesscard businesscards cool)

Vestiges of the past in our tools: Fruit fly culture bottles

In a previous post, I discussed how we've forgotten techniques and instruments of the past. These techniques and instruments could come in handy as garage scientists try to build their labs. In that post, I mentioned that folks keep fruit flies in plastic bottles that look like milk bottles (well, only if you know what […]

Oh, what we’ve forgotten…

In this new era of natural philosophers (neo-natural philosophers?), where the cost of buying science kits and instruments can be an obstacle to amateur science, I keep thinking back to how science was done many years ago. What were the tools used? What were the different reagents of the day? How can this lost knowledge […]

Tired words: e-“words”

As I decelerate into the real world, I am shocked by terminology that echoes the way folks spoke in the early days of the Web. This has moved me to nominate a new member on my Tired Words list [wow, just realized tomorrow would be two years since the last one]. e-"words" – You might […]

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visualizing the decline of the destination web, the rise of the social web » *supercollider "the end of the destination web" (tags: web internet trends blog socialmedia visualization Statistics brands stats visualisation destination marketing) Losing To The Social Web: Visualized | Digital Buzz Blog Abso-friggin-lutely. (tags: web internet marketing social trends webdesign socialnetworking socialmedia online charts stats […]

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580 Limited Bars to hit next time in London. (tags: bars london list company)

Who are the teachers you remember and contributed the most to who you are today?

I listen to NOVA's Science NOW podcasts. These are nice snippets of info, taken from NOVA's shows. Many of these snippets are also from Neil deGrasse Tyson, the head of the Museum of Natural History in NYC, and an amazing speaker.  The last episode I listened to was the Q&A session Tyson held at a […]