links for 2010-04-28

Twin study surveys genome for cause of multiple sclerosis : Nature News "The MS study is the first, however, to integrate studies of epigenetics and gene expression with whole-genome sequencing. "What they've done here is create a very nice template for others to follow," Geschwind says. "It isn't just sequence — they went from sequence […]

links for 2010-04-26

Wyss Symposium: New Directions in Synthetic Biology : Wyss Institute at Harvard This seems like the biggest Synth Bio event of the year (other than iGEM). Alas, I heard about it late. And I only found later today that I could probably sit in a few talks (but reg is closed). Alas, I work down […]

links for 2010-04-23

Knowledge is Power : Oscillator "However, what the thirteen year old kid in South Central LA needs is not a cheap thermocycler, but a safe and stable environment to grow and learn, a community where there are fulfilling jobs that provide a living wage, where immigrants have legal rights, where the opportunity to learn about […]

links for 2010-04-21

Art Space Tokyo: iPad Edition + Hardcover Reprint — Kickstarter "WHY? Ashley Rawlings (co-author / editor) and I (Craig Mod — co-author / designer) love this book. Lots of people love this book. But nobody can get it. We crafted this book out of our blood and sweat (and mikan oranges) in 2008. It's been […]

links for 2010-04-20

Typography for Lawyers Neat. [via @leebryant] (tags: typography design reference writing fonts law webdesign tutorial type) Travelers hit the road for a chance to fly away – The Boston Globe "Even as some grounded planes began returning to the skies yesterday, stranded travelers were piling into buses, trains, and high-priced taxis in a frantic scramble […]

Fed up with platic bags

One thing I've noticed here in the US is that there is trash everywhere, collecting in the "unspace", places where there is no movement or wind or people to brush them away. A few things stick out – styrofoam cups, plastic drink covers, and plastic bags. My proposal: Plastic is to be prohibited for uses […]

links for 2010-04-18

The charge is murder [The Boston Massacre] "Historians and other interpreters of the massacre, however, have ignored or avoided the question of intent. They haven’t investigated whether the soldiers fired purposefully at particular persons. Their accounts create the impression of the troops shooting mindlessly and arbitrarily at an undifferentiated mass of humanity." Yet a closer […]

Moderating panel on “Healthcare 2.0: The Impact of Social Media on Health Information”

Babson College's Health and Life Sciences Club are hosting their 7th annual industry forum tomorrow. I'll be moderating a panel on social media and health care. The panel will be at 1:15-2:45 at Knight Auditorium at Babson in Wellesley. It's a great spread and I think we'll cover a bunch of interesting topics. We have […]

links for 2010-04-13

Brit is it – The Boston Globe "So you despise the phrase went missing? You think spot on is pretentious, at the end of the day is meaningless filler, and all such British vocabulary invaders should be deep-sixed in Boston Harbor? Well, take heart: We are giving as good as we get these days, annoying […]

links for 2010-04-12 (tags: funny telephone media comms marketing fears) TimeLine of Sound & Broadcast Technology (tags: mediaformats history invention media music technology science timeline) The History of Programming Languages – O'Reilly Media (tags: article mediaformats history media formats chart computer computing cool design development geek reference programming visualization visualisation timeline software language languages posters poster code […]