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Secret Messages Coded Into DNA Of Venter Synthetic Bacteria | Singularity Hub (tags: synthia synthbio biology science venter) "How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?" A Fast Growing Query (Image) (tags: facebook google socialnetworks privacy security) More Web Industry Leaders Quit Facebook, Call For Open Alternative "What an Alternative Might Look Like: An ideal alternative […]

Take back the graph! Facebook, The Cloud, and a return to the basics of social networking

"Take back the graph!" was @mattmiz's reply to my rant that The Cloud was shite, Facebook was poison, and that the future will be peer-to-peer social networking.* Head in the cloudsHow did I come about to that, since not long ago, I was Mr Cloud, harping about a time when all would be in the […]

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For Harvard’s library, an arduous digital shift – The Boston Globe Said the letter, signed by more than 100 professors: “Digitization is not a panacea. . . . We risk an irreversible slide that will mark the period 1995-2015 as the onset of Widener’s undoing as the world’s greatest university research library.’’ [Spasms of change?] […]

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What Synthia Means To Me : Oscillator "I'm not interested in minimal genomes or a universal chassis for synthetic biology because I think the diversity of living organisms that already exists is too valuable to ignore." [via @jamesking] (tags: synthbio synthia venter genomics syntheticbiology biology science) Age of Excessions Interlude: Biology, or the Drugs Win […]

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Install a Bat House "Americas bats are an essential part of a healthy environment. Nevertheless, many bat species are in alarming decline, largely because of unwarranted human fear and persecution and the loss of natural roosts." (tags: bat bats animals nature environment)

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Final Cut Express vs Final Cut Pro – Michael Mistretta Excellent comments from readers. Says it all. [Yeah, considering leveling up to FCP.] (tags: finalcut imovie mac reviews video finalcutpro fcp fce finalcutexpress) Say hello to Michel Thomas. Or bonjour, ciao, ¡hola… – Blog – BERG "Between this, Popular Science+, and Schooloscope, you can see […]

Culture as Augmented Reality?

I was listening to Wade Davis' Long Now talk about the wisdom of ancient cultures. Like all Long Now talks, it got me thinking. One thing that Wade said that stuck out was that other cultures are not failed attempts at being us, but other interpretations of what it means to be human. He did […]

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Micronations: Castles in the air | The Economist "Monaco's achievement has not gone unnoticed. Over the past half-century many people have tried to ape its success. Most of these stabs at nationhood have been frivolous and some crackpot. But a handful have been serious, and a few aspiring Poo-Bahs have won some autonomy for their […]

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Can a “Head of Social” help Google fend off Facebook? | VentureBeat "What that person will inherit is a patchwork of products that are social in one way or another but don’t fit together to form a coherent experience. Google needs to articulate how peoples’ identities and their relationships figure into its core mission to […]

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Say hello to Schooloscope – Blog – BERG "Is it possible to make money by being happily hopeful about very serious things and visualising information with smiling faces? I reckon so." (tags: community data education school visualisation children uk berg) FCC aims to stop cellphone ‘bill shock’ – The Boston Globe "The agency wants to […]