Pink My Poop at Secret Garden Party, Guerilla Science

Pink My Poop at Secret Garden Party, Guerilla ScienceOriginally uploaded by alexandradaisy Hehehehe.

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Danger in School Labs: Accidents Haunt Experimental Science: Scientific American "Change will come, Kaufman believes, only when a “culture of safety” akin to that widely cultivated in industry permeates universities and when lab chiefs are held responsible for everyone knowing and following accepted safety practices." And now what happens with safety when you don't even […]

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In praise of the somewhat shambolic – Not ranting… honestly Blog | Nature Publishing Group "The Scienceblogs saga continues to rumble on, with more people quitting – the departure of Bora Zivkovic making perhaps the biggest ripples in this latest group – and now PZ Myers going on strike (see some discussion in the comments […]

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New England Biotech Companies (tags: biotech biology science business list)

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ScienceShot: How to Make an Egg – ScienceNOW "The research, says the team, could someday help scientists grow other types of crystals, such as those needed to house quantum computers or superconducting materials." Another protein as seed for crystal. Might the same be happening in mollusks? (tags: biology chemistry cool eggs chicken protein chrystals structure […]

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Engineered bacterial communication prevents Vibrio cholerae virulence in an infant mouse model — PNAS "This finding points to an easily administered and inexpensive approach where commensal bacteria are engineered to communicate with invasive species and potentially prevent human disease." Engineered probiotics – also protecting? Cool. (tags: probiotics biology medicine virology disease microbiology bacteria virus molecularist) […]

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graze – nature delivered Brilliant. (tags: food health nutrition uk business online design snack graze delivery ideas)

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Cold War redux: US, Russia swap 14 spies in Vienna – Ah, the good old days, when we had a certain enemy we could negotiate with and fight. 🙂 (tags: spy russia soviet coldwar politics espionage usa)

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In ‘Fever,’ examining malaria’s ruthless history – The Boston Globe "The practice of medicine is more than just the application of scientific knowledge. It is also an art and to achieve success doctors and other health workers must be attentive to the personal beliefs, cultural standards, societal and religious norms, emotional states, and educational backgrounds […]

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Personalized Beer Recommendations | Pintley "Pintley is a new kind of beer website—one that only recommends beer you're sure to love. Unlike other beer sites, Pintley doesn't just know beer; it also knows you. Pintley learns from your ratings and tasting notes to understand exactly what pleases your palate the most, so you can be […]