links for 2010-08-27

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine (tags: internet web trends future apps history technology openess services mobile industry interesting) Alex Beam: Everybody hates Facebook – The Boston Globe "To paraphrase Mark Twain’s famous remark about the weather: Everyone complains about Facebook, but no one does anything about it." (tags: facebook web […]

links for 2010-08-25

Breast cancer protein is finally purified : Nature News "For the most part, the studies confirmed ideas about BRCA2 function. "But we also uncovered some aspects of protein function that you couldn't have known unless you did the biochemistry," Kowalczykowski says." There will always be a need for basic biochemimstry. (tags: protein breastcancer cancer purification […]

links for 2010-08-24

Smellscape : Oscillator "What will the future hold for our smellscape? Will globalization completely deodorize our world, making everything smell of soap? Perhaps, but perhaps biology, with all its living smells, will be re-introduced into our lives. As we better understand how our bodies are made up of marvelously diverse communities of bacteria and human […]

links for 2010-08-23

Where Has All the Plastic Gone? – ScienceNOW "Oceanographers have quantified trends in one of these "plastic soups" for the first time, and they've come to a surprising conclusion: The amount of plastic has remained steady for 2 decades despite a steep rise in industrial plastic production." Heh. SEA mention. I remember collecting plastic. Just […]

links for 2010-08-20

Earth's Oldest Cranny Explored – ScienceNOW "Despite billions of years of churning and melting beneath the tectonic plates, a pocket of deep mantle rock that formed just as Earth was first solidifying may have survived intact." In a mood to be awed by the age, size, and power of nature. (tags: nature geology lava ancient […]

links for 2010-08-19

Loic Le Meur Blog: How much can you really make developing mobile apps? Nothing new here, for folks like us who have been pushing mobile apps (way back in 2001 for me). But bears repeating for all the novices who think mobile apps are something new that Apple invented. The reality is you can't change […]

links for 2010-08-13

Bear steals car in Colorado "Colorado teenager learns the hard way never to leave a day-old peanut butter sandwich in his car" (tags: bear funny peanutbutter animals weird) Identifying poison ivy – I know this all too well. (tags: poisonivy plants science biology) The scourges of summer 2010 – (tags: rabbits sharks fishercats […]

links for 2010-08-12

Duel performance in Provincetown – The Boston Globe "It is a dispute made in kitsch culture heaven: a mime versus an Elvis impersonator." (tags: funny provincetown capecod massachusetts)

links for 2010-08-10

Settlement reached in MIT fraternity prank that injured 2 in explosion – The Boston Globe "Nearly three years after a Massachusetts Institute of Technology fraternity prank caused an explosion that severely injured two environmental cleanup volunteers, a six-figure settlement has been reached, the plaintiffs’ lawyer said yesterday." (tags: mit prank cambridge massachusetts sodium explosion fraternity) […]

links for 2010-08-05

Why are food allergies on the rise? – "One theory is that the Western diet has made people more susceptible to developing allergies and other illnesses. A study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences compared the gut bacteria from 15 children in Florence, Italy, with gut bacteria in 14 children in a […]