The Short Lifespan of a Tweet: Retweets Only Happen Within the First Hour

For some, Twitter is a social network and for others it is just a broadcast medium. Judging from the latest data from social media analytics and monitoring service Sysomos, for the majority of users, Twitter is indeed mostly a broadcast medium. After analyzing over 1.2 billion tweets, the Sysomos team found that only 29% of […]

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Complexity not so costly after all, analysis shows (tags: complexity complexification theory)

Complexification: Complexity not so costly after all

Further, the analysis showed that the ability of organisms to adapt is highest at intermediate levels of complexity. "This means a simple organism is not best, and a very complex organism is not best; some intermediate level of complexity is best in terms of the adaptation rate," Zhang said. The new findings help buffer evolutionary […]

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Kevin Kelly and the New Rules of the New Biology – Life blog Something I wrote back in 2008: Biology is messy Some folks think biology behaves properly and regularly like electronics (which we all know is a passing fad). Go into any laboratory and you will see the modern-day alchemist repeating experiments that work […]

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Taking molecular snaps of ancient crops : Nature News ""I started doing it because nobody believed me," says Tom Gilbert, a geneticist at the University of Copenhagen who works with Fordyce. He got the idea to sequence ancient RNA after seeing a paper that described the germination of a 2,000-year-old date seed — a process […]

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Microbial Products and Environmentally Friendly Products Distributor (tags: bioremediation bacteriology microbiology microorganisms compost ecology products) Soil Foodweb (tags: composting compost bacteria fungi nematodes microbiology)

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A cup good to the last drop-off – The Boston Globe "For more than four years, Hellyar, supply chain manager for Dunkin’ Donuts, has hunted for an alternative to the much maligned Styrofoam cup — long enough to earn him the nickname “Joey Cups.’’ The ideal container would have to be recyclable or compostable, keep […]

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Biological noise : Web focus : Nature Interesting list of info. I'm very much a proponent for working with the noise in biology. (tags: noise biology synthbio systems science genetic pathways molecularist) The Great Beyond: Space laundry among prize challenges featured on new site The "competition closes in less than a week–though one imagines that […]

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Making Future Magic: light painting with the iPad – Blog – BERG These guys have produced the most amazing things and they are still at it. This video is not to be missed. (tags: animation art camera design illustration ipad video painting light berglondon)

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DIYbio on the BioBus interview Absolutely brilliant. (tags: biobus biology education children teaching science molecularist) BioCurious: A Hackerspace for Biotech. The Community Lab for Citizen Science by Joseph J, Eri G, and Tito J — Kickstarter (tags: biohacking biology biotech community diy diybio hackerspace hacking opensource science biocurious) These Dance Moves Are Irresistible "Hey, guys, […]