links for 2010-12-24

Opposition to Health Law Is Steeped in Tradition – David Leonhardt – "The federal income tax, a senator from New York said a century ago, might mean the end of “our distinctively American experiment of individual freedom.” Social Security was actually a plan “to Sovietize America,” a previous head of the Chamber of Commerce […]

links for 2010-12-23

New Startup Vedanta Harnesses Microbial Activities to Boost Healthy Immune Function | Xconomy Microbes to modulate immune system in gut. So looking forward to this post-Pasteurian world. (tags: biology medicine bacteria microbiology microbes practicalmicrobes science) (re)Use of data from chemical journals. « Henry Rzepa via @mrgunn (tags: publishing science chemistry future)

links for 2010-12-21

Genspace: Open for Business "The Genspace grand opening isn’t about the past two years, it’s about the future. Let’s bring back the romance between the sciences and the public. I am proud to be a founding member of the first community biotech laboratory in NYC." (tags: hackspace biocurious biology science nyc genspace diybio)

links for 2010-12-17

Boston Red Sox – Family unity – The Boston Globe "You ever have a situation where you’re going, ‘Man, I hope he doesn’t look over here.’ And he looks at me and calls me over, and it was just a sick feeling. He goes, ‘You need to call Daphane.’ And I knew right then something […]

links for 2010-12-16

Developers call for handy lab aids : Nature News "Macmillan hopes to partner with scientists to turn software into commercial products." (tags: science development apps software laboratory) Digital Science "A new kind of scientific information company. The digital age has created new opportunities for the way we do scientific research – from how we manage […]

My narrative writing

Here is a sampling of some stories I’ve written: When Wolf and Rabbit walked the Appalachian Trail Love, life, happiness. (short short) Puzled MonkeyA crazy short-short I wrote for some crazy friends. Monkey business Short-short about 3 monkeys, a clever crow, and one unlucky animal-trainer. One nightA global story of one night in the mobile […]

links for 2010-12-14

The Algorithm + the Crowd are Not Enough « Rand's Blog "My point isn’t that Google, Netflix, Amazon, Yelp or any of the others are doomed. But I do think there’s an opportunity brewing for entrepreneurs, websites and companies to add editorial components to the algo-crowd paradigm." Or what I have said for a while: […]

links for 2010-12-13

Microbe gets toxic response : Nature News "Days after an announcement that a strain of bacteria can apparently use arsenic in place of phosphorous to build its DNA and other biomolecules — an ability unknown in any other organism — some scientists are questioning the finding and taking issue with how it was communicated to […]

links for 2010-12-12

Cloud Services as Personal Conduits – "It'll be interesting to see how it all progresses culturally and legally as cloud services continue to take off, and new ways of computing – mobile, tablets, web apps, etc. – push the status quo again and again." (tags: content trend cloud services web takebackthecloud) The Future of […]

links for 2010-12-09

Video microscopy reveals molecules in motion : Nature News In the past year I've seen a ton of great tools for invtravital imaging – imaging molecules and cells in live organisms. Very cool. (tags: intravital imaging sciecne biology medicine) amednews: Hospitals' new specialist: Social media manager :: Nov. 8, 2010 … American Medical News "As […]