links for 2011-01-28

Parasite Invasion Caught on Camera – ScienceNOW Live imaging is the foochur. (tags: intravital imaging biology parisitology malaria science cool visualization) Of course scientists can communicate : Nature News "There are several canards about scientists, but one is more pernicious simply because so many scientists themselves repeat it: scientists are not good communicators." (tags: science […]

links for 2011-01-27

Is Tasty Labs the Next Great Social Play? "Tasty Labs wants to create a marketplace or forum in which people can state their needs and available talents." (tags: tastylabs socialnetworking service web)

Are scientists afraid of blogs and tweets?

Nature has a nice wee article (no subscription required to read this one, FTW!) on the state of what one might call “informal” peer review – the challenges and questions to published works that come from blogs and tweets and the like. For those of us who have been talking about the changes needed in […]

Human microbial ecology – cool study

I mentioned a few weeks back a review in Nature about a trio of scientists studying the contributions of gut microbial ecology in preemies that get necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Sneaky, sneaky, it turns out that a paper on this work was posted that the review didn't mention or link to. I subsequently found a great […]

links for 2011-01-23

Scientists sequence gut microbes of premature infant "Scientists have for the first time sequenced and reconstructed the genomes of most of the microbes in the gut of a premature newborn and documented how the microbe populations changed over time." (tags: medical medicine science biology microbiology practicalmicrobes health genomics microbiome) Peer review: Trial by Twitter : […]

links for 2011-01-22

VEX Robotics Design System from the makers of HEXBUGs (tags: robotics robots electronics robot hardware diy design tech cool) HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures – HEXBUG (tags: toys robots gadgets technology science fun hardware kids robot robotics cool)

Doing stand-up at IgniteAmherst Feb 8th

Just a note that I'll be doing a 5-minute stand-up act at IngiteAmherst at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art (125 West Bay Road, Amherst, MA). Link: IngiteAmherst: Making stuff Our theme is "Making Stuff". Our valley is steeped in a rich history of making stuff, from the straw hat industry of Amherst […]

links for 2011-01-21

Hawk in Library of Congress – Wash Post "What appears to be a Cooper's Hawk has taken shelter inside the Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress." Interesting conversations on Facebook for the venerable library. (tags: animals birds wildlife facebook library libraryofcongress funny) Ironic Sans: Thsrs – The Shorter Thesaurus "Enter a long word. […]

links for 2011-01-20

Fall of Rome Recorded in Trees – ScienceNOW (tags: history dendrochronology science trends weather climate cool) Race against time for raiders of the lost lake : Nature News "Lake Vostok has been totally isolated for almost 15 million years" I keep thinking that life on Mars is in deep subterranean rivers and lakes, from when […]

Functional roles for noise in genetic circuits

I have a thing about noise (see my ramblings here). And as folks try to turn elements of biological circuits into well-behaving engineered parts, I’ve been trying to put my finger on why biological noise means so much to me. A series of articles in Nature back in September covered the cost of feedback control, […]