There is nothing wrong with your TV

You really shouldn’t be concerned with my machinations behind the curtain. I’m just moving sites from one provider to another and merging some other stuff. If all goes well, you won’t even know. Though these past 24 hours have been full of disruptions. Sorry about that. All the posts are seemingly intact (merged two old […]

links for 2011-02-25

How to make your original yeast water Culturing yeast off of raisins, using the raisins as sugar source. Indeed, sima, a lightly fermented spring drink from Finland, is inoculated with packet yeast, but I think originally was inoculated with the raisins that are part of the recipe. (tags: sima fermentation food recipes yeast practicalmicrobes molecularist)

Kickstarting a great new documentary

I'm a film hack. Yeah, some of my short vids have hundreds of thousands of views or even millions, and some (nameless) have contributed to big donations, but I'm still a hack. Last fall I had a very very brief moment of insanity when I thought, just thought, fantasized, really, that, maybe, I could do […]

links for 2011-02-21

MIT snags UCSF synthetic biology expert Chris Voigt | San Francisco Business Times "One of UCSF’s brightest young scientists and a key member of the Bay Area’s emerging synthetic biology community is heading east." [via @jrkelly] (tags: synthbio biology science mit ucsf engineering syntheticbiology)

links for 2011-02-20

IBM's Most Disruptive Acquisition Of 2010 Is Netezza — InformationWeek "I've pulled out from Baum's comments a range of timely ideas that help bring some perspective to the rapidly evolving and often-intersecting areas of data warehousing, purpose-built appliances, business analytics, Big Data, and how companies are trying to leverage all of that to turn insight […]

links for 2011-02-19

The Mad Fermentationist: Bohemian Ale (Czech Pilsner Fail) The odd thing is that I too had my smack-pack liquid yeast not really take in my boho pils. Panicked that it'd get contaminated I pitched in some yeast from a bottle of an Oktoberfest ale I had around (didn't have time to get to the brew […]

links for 2011-02-18

Microbes I have known and loved: anti-mega Excellent overview of all the ways we use microbes (useful bugs!) in the production of food. I learned that cacao is fermented and a new term SCOBY, "symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast". A bit cooler than "cooperatives" (my use) or "consortia" (science term). (tags: practicalmicrobes molecularist food […]

links for 2011-02-15

We Make Getting Fit Easier | Koko FitClub A personalized computerized fitness center, with visual guidance, and a hat tip towards quantified self nuts. Haven't found out if anything can be downloaded or what online tools they have to visualize. (tags: fitness quantifiedself measurement personalization gym koko cool)

links for 2011-02-14

The Staph Bug's Achilles' Heel – ScienceNOW "The researchers found 14 that did the trick, but one molecule—named RNPA1000—was especially effective against S. aureus. RNPA1000 killed cells from all 12 major strains of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA)." Biochemistry and molecular biology informing anti-bacterial targets. Quite cool. (tags: biochemistry molecularbiology molecularist practicalmicrobes science biology microbiology staphaureus […]

links for 2011-02-13

Q Microbe – Biomass to Cellulosic Ethanol Conversion – High Yield, Low Cost "A natural biorefinery in itself, the Q microbe, Clostridium phytofermentans, is an anaerobic organism with a unique combination of natural characteristics that dramatically streamline the production of cellulosic ethanol." Though not sure if this is a recombinant organism – no reference to […]