The end of my regular commute into Boston – how much did it cost me?

For the past 22 months I have commuted daily 30 miles each way to work (excepting holidays and storms, of course). If the railway were as efficient and pleasant as I had grown accustomed to while living in Europe, then maybe I wouldn’t really care. But in the end, the commute sapped my time, motivation, […]

New gig at Netezza, an IBM company

Go figure. After I left Nokia, I thought I was done with Mega-Corporations. But an opportunity came by that seemed to have most of the things I need right now that I had to take it. As of 01 June, I’ll be joining Netezza, an IBM company, where I will be Director of Marketing, Public […]

Scattering Microscope Peers Into the Nanoscale – ScienceNOW

From the article: Researchers have come up with a new idea for a light microscope. They placed between the light source and the object a lens made from a slab of a crystalline substance called gallium phosphide. This design drastically reduces the theoretical minimum size of a visible object. However, for complex technical reasons, no […]

Satellite tracking will reveal turtle wanderings : Nature News

“By borrowing the tools of the manicurist’s trade, marine biologists have found a way of attaching satellite-tracking tags to turtle hatchlings. The tags will help uncover what turtles get up to in the critical few months after they leave the beach of their birth.” This is a really cool story about simple solutions arising out […]

A united front – contamination in biotech drugs : Nature

“At least 17 incidences of viral contamination in biologics have been reported, but industry insiders say that many more go unreported. Rather than risk negative publicity and lawsuits, companies have largely chosen to keep the details of contamination, and even their occurrence, secret — even, at times, from government regulators. Genzyme’s experience, which legally had […]

‘Disease-Proof Mosquito’ Could Spread Like Wildfire – ScienceNOW

“The scientists used a so-called homing-endonuclease gene (HEG), a selfish gene found in fungi, plants, and bacteria that has the ability to create a second copy of itself in individuals that have only one. This ensures that all offspring have the gene as well, and it’s one of the fastest ways genes can spread in […]

Education: Rethinking PhDs : Nature News

“Fix it, overhaul it or skip it completely — institutions and individuals are taking innovative approaches to postgraduate science training.” Read this article…

Education: The PhD factory : Nature News

“Scientists who attain a PhD are rightly proud — they have gained entry to an academic elite. But it is not as elite as it once was. The number of science doctorates earned each year grew by nearly 40% between 1998 and 2008, to some 34,000, in countries that are members of the Organisation for […]

Needham losing photo icon –

“When’s the last time you brought a roll of film to the store for processing? If you can’t remember, you’ll begin to understand why Scorby’s Camera will soon close its doors after more than a half-century in Needham Center. “ A photo-story about a camera shop that is closing down due to pressures of digital […]

Take 10: Man-made wonders in New England –

“Resourcefulness runs a close second to thrift as a Yankee virtue, and New Englanders have been great builders for centuries. As modest folk, we rarely construct anything just for show, but we have managed some awe-inspiring creations in the name of practicality. “ Read this article…