Designing Biology at SXSW 2012?

I’ve been thinking of what to do at SXSW Interactive next year around Biology. Biology at SXSW? It’s not as far-fetched as you’d think. The trends I see are the new bio hackspaces popping up, all the open source feeling around sharing bio tools, and so much discussion around design in biology. While SXSW Interactive […]

Save $29,000 this year – The Scientist

“The Scientist contacted researchers around the world, looking for their tips and tricks for saving money in the lab; here we present 15 of our favorites.” I’ve been saying for years that biology has become a kit-based science, when lots of the stuff is easy to make yourself and really doesn’t waste time. Spend money […]

Culturomics: Word play : Nature News

“The point is this: like people, ideas need a social life. Introduce them to your friends. Help them develop good contacts. It’s worth it: more than any accolade or discovery, you get the pleasure of hanging out with ideas and with friends.” A comment by Erez Lieberman-Aiden on an article about him and his research […]

PhD Comics: The Movie

I doubt there’s a grad student, past, current, or future, who doesn’t like PhD Comics. It’s a great comic take on academic research life with a few sidebars of interesting stories in science that the writer shares. Testament to the following, there’s now a movie: “Piled Higher and Deeper” The Movie is a live-action adaptation […]

Harmful Viruses Made of Beautiful Glass

Beautiful visualizations of viruses and bacteria, made in glass. The artists is exploring what these organisms really look like, since most visualization is in color. Pretty cool. Read this article…

Mendeley API in R – Carl Boettiger

“R is a widely used statistical software environment, and this should facilitate real-time statistical analysis of the rich amount of publication data available in Mendeley” When I think of find-navigate-recombine-publish in science, this is the kind of thing I’m looking for. Now that I’m at a Big Data firm, everything looks like a nail. 🙂 […]

Lucky find in Charlestown saves whaler’s restoration – The Boston Globe

“For the antiquarian shipbuilders who are painstakingly restoring the world’s only surviving wooden whale ship here, an essential ingredient can be very hard to find: lumber that’s big enough and strong enough for a massive 19th- century seafaring vessel, and cheap enough for a restoration project’s budget. Restorers of the Charles W. Morgan at Mystic […]

Welcome to BrewGene | BrewGene

Is this a Pandora/ in the name of your fave recommendation, collaborative filtering tool) for brews? [Wondering all the possible biz models and social networking this can promote.] Sign me up. 🙂 Check out the site and download the app…

The Rise of Backyard Biotech – Magazine – The Atlantic

“The small industries and biotech freelancers springing up are, in some ways, like the divisions of the old behemoth drug company, but connected only by the tendrils of the Internet, and the relationships that grow so easily there. Rienhoff is contemporary biotech’s answer to the lost Renaissance man. He pulls the renaissance effect out of […]

Bill Gates Funds Human Waste To Biofuel Project In Ghana | Fast Company

“Developing countries lack both clean water and clean energy sources. By converting soiled water into energy and clean water, a new project could wipe away both problems.” Every since an organic waste conference I attended a few months ago, I’ve had anaerobic digestors on the mind – for farm, for municipal waste to energy, even […]