Mixing meaning into disease research – Treato

I wasn’t so sure how to describe Treato. It’s really interesting – mixing semantic analysis, social media, medical records, and analysis – Treato is really the next level of how consumers research diseases. The image to the right is one that came from searching for Lyme disease. I am not sure how they assemble that […]

Big Data, healthcare, devices, and quantified self

When I was at SXSW, I spent most of my time at either Big Data or Healthcare sessions. The interesting thing is that the Big Data sessions always devolved to talking about healthcare and the healthcare sessions always spoke about Big Data. One aspect of the fusion of big data and healthcare that kept coming […]

Finally got around to reading Sterling’s “An Essay on the New Aesthetic”

“That is my thesis; that’s why I think this matters. When I left the room at the SXSW “New Aesthetic” panel, this is what concerned me most. I left with the conviction that something profound had been touched. Touched, although not yet grasped. I’d suggest getting right after it.” I missed the session at SXSW […]