Recipe: How I make yogurt

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time. The way I make yogurt was inspired by Vaugh Tan (from a meet-up back in 2012!). The philosophy he shared, and to which I already, as a biologist, ascribed to, was to understand fermentation as something a community of different organisms do. For yogurt, different bacteria have peak […]

Human permanence and nature’s flow

When I fly, I try to sit by the window. Night or day, the world from the plane is quite interesting, providing perspectives on humanity, the planet, time and space. Flying over the plains of the US one can see large expanses of regularly shaped farms, straight roads, and lots of flat territory. One time, […]

Hey Bruins, it’s concentração time

Every Bruins fan knows that this year our favorite team has been struggling at home. On the road, Bruins are 23-7-3, which, by this table, ranks them as the second best on-the-road record in the league. At home, it’s a vastly different story. With a record of 15-16-5, Boston is in the bottom quartile, sitting at […]

Pause for station identification

As I am sort of feeling my brain starting to reactivate my writing muscles, I thought now would be a good time for a station identification. No need to panic. I’ve done this before. This is my 10th pause for station identification on this site since the first one in March 2005 (and #10 seemed like an interesting […]

Thoughts on “The age of indie fitness apps is over”

I officially left the mobile world back in ’09. But, of course, since then, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of the iPhone, folks getting the idea of mobile apps, and a wave of small companies realizing the value of merging GPS, mobile, and tracking – I didn’t get too far. As a not-so-clueless observer (here’s an article I wrote […]

Tired Words from Wired: “Unicorns and Other Things We Must Stop Talking About in 2016”

It’s been a long time since I posted one of my “Tired Words” posts, where I point out a word that has been over-used, mis-used, and ab-used. But today I cannot resist adding here some else’s list of Tired Words. It’s a nice brief article (link below). Here are the tired words Wired author, Jessi […]

“Settings are for geeks”

As far back as I can remember, I’ve fiddled with the settings. Computers, lab instruments, routers, phones – a chief selling point was how much access I had to settings and how much could be customized. I recall that during my “Cloud” project at Nokia, the folks at IDEO used to say “Settings are for […]

Blindspot: OMG – how much time has humanity wasted with spinning hard drives?

I got my first computer with a solid-state drive (SSD) last year. For me, the biggest thing I noticed was the fast boot time. My daughter got a computer with an SSD last Christmas. The biggest thing for her was the battery life. Fast boot and longer battery life were not enough to make me think […]

Will Clinton push for university accountability for student loans?

This presidential election cycle will likely continue the growing discussion around higher-ed, loans, and student debt. I’ve been trying to parse out what folks are saying and proposing. One thing I’m concerned with is the difference in interest that students pay versus what banks pay when borrowing from the government. It would be nice if the […]

Is OpenTrons the Makerbot of biotech? In some ways.

When I was a molecular biologist, folks used to ask me what I did. I used to say, “Squirt things into tubes and wait.” OpenTrons takes that drudgery out of liquid handling for the usual molecular biology techniques (and would have saved me the last 20+years of tennis elbow). HAXLR8R, a hardware accelerator program, got, rightfully, excited with […]