Pause for station identification

As I am sort of feeling my brain starting to reactivate my writing muscles, I thought now would be a good time for a station identification. No need to panic. I’ve done this before. This is my 10th pause for station identification on this site since the first one in March 2005 (and #10 seemed like an interesting […]

Pause for station identification

Time for my periodic pause for station identification. Me Hello, folks. My name is Charlie Schick. I am Director, Business Development, Healthcare, at Atigeo. I just started at Atigeo (June 2014) and am excited to help them take their xPatterns Platform to the next level. My move to Atigeo is very much a “money where […]

Looking back on 2012: I am a “fermentos”

At the start of each year, I write down a few things I’d like to accomplish or focus on for the year. Usually, it’s a behavior I’d like to see improve or do more of. Often, I find that when I write something down, it seems to happen somehow. And the expectation is also that […]

Lager Beer’s Mystery Yeast – ScienceNOW

“Lager may have its roots in Bavaria, but a key ingredient arrived from halfway around the world. Scientists have discovered that the yeast used to brew this light-colored beer may hail from Argentina. Apparently, yeast cells growing in Patagonian trees made their way to Europe and into the barrels of brewers.” Great story about genomics […]

Region awash in a new wave of wee breweries with big plans – The Boston Globe

“Where others see barroom taps crowded with beer options, Chris Lohring sees opportunity brewing.” A nice article on the state of breweries in the region, the business, and the entrepreneurs. Quite exciting. As for me, I’ll stick to small time 5-gal brewing. Read this article…

Photos: Mass. breweries and their top beers –

“Brewing good beer isn’t something unique to Ireland, Germany, or the mountains of Vermont. In fact, there are quite a few craft breweries in Massachusetts that find an appreciative customer base both inside and beyond the borders of the Bay State. “Here are 10 breweries and brewpubs that produce their suds in the state, as […]

Photos: Local craft breweries are on the rise –

“A new wave of niche breweries is the most noteworthy since the mid-1990s. New England is playing catch-up with California and other parts of the country already experiencing their own craft beer boomlets.” Take a look at the inner workings of a brewery. Read this article…

Trillium toasts to local ingredients, tastes –

“A Brookline home brewer cleared a major hurdle this week on the way to opening a brewery of “farmhouse”-style beer in Fort Point. “It’s not a come-and-have-pints-all-night type place, it’s a come-and-have-a-sampler type place,” said Trillium Brewing Co. owner Jean-Claude Tetrault, 34. Trillium, which will have a storefront with a small tasting bar, scored a […]

Welcome to BrewGene | BrewGene

Is this a Pandora/ in the name of your fave recommendation, collaborative filtering tool) for brews? [Wondering all the possible biz models and social networking this can promote.] Sign me up. 🙂 Check out the site and download the app…

Bourdain: Discovery killed ‘Brew Masters’ because big beer threatened to pull ads

Did Big Beer kill the TV show about Dogfish Head brewery? This short article will send you off in different directions trying to gauge the likelihood of this idea. Very interesting. Bookmarked in Delicious. Read this article…