Combination therapy vs single-target therapy

I feel that single-target drugs are getting harder to make. I remember years back, when there were three AIDS drugs going through clinical trials. We were all shocked when all of them failed. But some smart soul realized that when combined, the three were a miracle cocktail. Indeed, fast forward to the present and this […]

Two-Drug Antimicrobial Chemotherapy: A Mathematical Model and Experiments with Mycobacterium marinum – PLoS Pathogens

This paper is trying to measure and model the effectiveness of multi-drug antimicrobial chemotherapy. Antibiotics are notorious for losing effectiveness as the target microbe gains resistance to that single antibiotic. Being able to treat microorganism with multiple drugs is sometimes the only way to manage the disease – as in HIV or TB. But to […]

Vaccine development: Man vs MRSA : Nature News

“For decades, Robert Daum has studied the havoc wreaked by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Now he thinks he can stop it for good.” Excellent story of the fight against MRSA by the guy who first made us aware of it.   Read this article… Image from Nature

The Visionary

“Seeking to spur drug development, Stephen Friend has launched a daring series of initiatives to make biomedical research more open and effective.” Interesting fellow. He’s a mover and shaker in the bioinformatics “data must be free” crowd. It’s a very good article. Read it. Read this article…

Experts Debate Polypill: A Single Pill for Global Health: Science

“In the past year, the idea of a “polypill” combining several cheap, well-tested heart drugs has gained momentum, although it still has its critics. … But some question whether a pop-a-pill mentality should be encouraged, and many cardiologists are sharply critical of the potential risks inherent in one-size-fits-all treatment of patients who are not at […]

Breast Cancer Drug Gets a Unanimous Thumbs Down – ScienceInsider

“Some members of the advisory committee pointed to a downside in today’s decision to strip the drug of its breast cancer label: This could undermine the accelerated approval process under which Avastin first got FDA’s blessing. Accelerated approval is a way to get drugs to the sickest patients more quickly, with less clinical data. It’s […]

A united front – contamination in biotech drugs : Nature

“At least 17 incidences of viral contamination in biologics have been reported, but industry insiders say that many more go unreported. Rather than risk negative publicity and lawsuits, companies have largely chosen to keep the details of contamination, and even their occurrence, secret — even, at times, from government regulators. Genzyme’s experience, which legally had […]