Another step forward in the future of anti-microbials

Title: PLoS ONE: Antifungal Activity of Microbial Secondary Metabolites “Secondary metabolites are well known for their ability to impede other microorganisms. Reanalysis of a screen of natural products using the Caenorhabditis elegans-Candida albicans infection model identified twelve microbial secondary metabolites capable of conferring an increase in survival to infected nematodes.” I keep thinking of the […]

Don’t Call It Viral Marketing: The Story Behind Contagion’s Microbial Billboard – ScienceInsider

‘The jury is still out on whether the star-studded viral outbreak movie Contagion will be a Hollywood blockbuster, but don’t blame Patrick Hickey if it isn’t. The Scottish mycologist recently led a team that used living bacteria and fungi to create two sinister-looking billboards meant to lure, or scare, people into seeing the movie. The […]

Impact of Endofungal Bacteria on Infection Biology, Food Safety, and Drug Development: PLoS Pathogens

“The filamentous mould Rhizopus microsporus is a member of the zygomycetes (lower fungi). While some strains serve as food fermenting fungi, others represent infamous plant pathogens and opportunistic human pathogens. Recently, it was shown that some strains of R. microsporus are associated with symbiotic bacteria. Here, we outline why these organisms are important for human […]

Rediscovered glowing mushroom could shed light on bioluminescence (Wired UK)

“Researchers believe that fungi make light just as the firefly does, using a chemical mix of a compound called luciferin and an enzyme luciferase. However, scientists haven’t yet identified the luciferin and luciferase in fungi which glow at all times rather than in bursts as fireflies do” Dang. When I read this title, I was […]

Microbiopolitics and the Post-Pasteurian Age

Cross posted from my new fledgling blog Practical Microbes I can’t believe that I haven’t written about this amazing paper from MIT anthropologist, Heather Paxson. Heather has been doing research into the culture, business, and politics around cheese. In this paper (link below), she talks about the politics around cheese made from raw milk. Raw […]