Posting mobile photos like it’s 2005

I haven’t looked at my Lifeblog archive in a long time. Without the software, it’s just a deep tree of folders holding all sorts of media over many years. For some reason, last night, I took a peek, flipping through old photos and text messages from another time. Sigh, that Nokia is no more. But […]

An eye for success: Jobs tribute from thankful scientists

“The use of computers in science now may bring images of data-crunching parallel processing and Unix-inspired open-source collaborations, but there was a time when the cutting edge — at least for molecular scientists — was being able to draw a benzene ring digitally on screen. Jobs and Apple gave scientists the power to do that, […]

Rediscovering Bits of 1890s

“”Laurie Cox, a graduate student who works in the lab, held up the test tube with the 100-year-old bacterium. She explained that they can determine if the spores are alive by their growth, which should be visible within 24 hours. “I think it’s really interesting and amazing to be able to culture bacteria that’s over […]

Ancient DNA reveals secrets of human history : Nature News

“The past months have seen a swathe of discoveries, from details about when Neanderthals and humans interbred, to the important disease-fighting genes that humans now have as a result of those trysts.” Really nice article on the state of ancient DNA genomics. Really interesting and makes me imagine what the world was like with other […]

Lucky find in Charlestown saves whaler’s restoration – The Boston Globe

“For the antiquarian shipbuilders who are painstakingly restoring the world’s only surviving wooden whale ship here, an essential ingredient can be very hard to find: lumber that’s big enough and strong enough for a massive 19th- century seafaring vessel, and cheap enough for a restoration project’s budget. Restorers of the Charles W. Morgan at Mystic […]

Take 10: Man-made wonders in New England –

“Resourcefulness runs a close second to thrift as a Yankee virtue, and New Englanders have been great builders for centuries. As modest folk, we rarely construct anything just for show, but we have managed some awe-inspiring creations in the name of practicality. “ Read this article…

Language May Have Helped Early Humans Spread Out of Africa – ScienceNOW

“The story of humanity’s prehistoric expansion across the planet is recorded in our genes. And, apparently, the story of the spread of language is hidden in the sounds of our words. That’s the finding of a new study, which concludes that both people and languages spread out from an African homeland by a similar process—and […]

Sharing the experience of the Civil War, 150 years later – The Boston Globe

“Hearts still touched with fire – Stories of men who served in a Mass. regiment much-bloodied during the Civil War still resonate with relatives, 150 years later” Bookmarked in Delicious. Read this article…