Waste Water + Bacteria = Clean Energy – ScienceNOW

“For the first time, researchers have sustainably produced hydrogen gas, a potential source of clean energy, using only water and bacteria. The challenge now, scientists say, is to scale up the process to provide large amounts of hydrogen for various purposes, such as fueling vehicles or small generators.” I keep thinking of how to extract […]

Power Walk, Gain a Watt – ScienceNOW

“If scaled up to the size that would fit in a typical shoe, this would enable the Wisconsin researchers to harvest 2 watts of power, they report today in Nature Communications. At that rate, a person could completely recharge a standard cell phone battery by going for a 2-hour stroll, Krupenkin says. Krupenkin and Taylor […]

Hopefully resuming service

Just wanted to say that Irene did a number on us. Today, Friday, our power was finally restored. We lost power and running water on Sunday – that’s about 120 hours living the medieval life, sort of – candles, pitchers of water by the sink, eating only what we can grill (ok, so we were […]

Navy probe descends on bacteria power | SmartPlanet

“The U.S. Navy has enlisted some very tiny sailors to fuel their latest research vessel. Microorganisms are descending into the sea, enabling unmanned pods to gather data beneath the surface. Weeks later, (perhaps even years researchers say), the craft could emerge via power it had generated on board. No batteries required—just bacteria.” This is cool. […]