Retail biology – Trade Secrets Blog | Nature Publishing Group

“Just as fortunes were made by the designers and manufacturers of the humble mouse mat after the launch of the Apple Macintosh, we are likely to see consumer products exponentially increasing. It is difficult for us now to fully appreciate the number of tiny ICT devices that populate our cars, kitchen goods and even children’s […]

Vampire-like Predatory Bacteria Could Become A Living Antibiotic : Discover Magazine

“What’s the news: If bacteria had blood, the predatory microbe Micavibrio aeruginosavorus would essentially be a vampire: it subsists by hunting down other bugs, attaching to them, and sucking their life out. For the first time, researchers have sequenced the genome of this strange microorganism, which was first identified decades ago in sewage water. The […]

Philips – Design Probes – Microbial Home

“The Microbial Home Probe consists of a domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design solutions to energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting, human waste and healthy lifestyle.” Very cool. And mentions of a Post Electronic Age, too. Read this article… Images from Philips – more at Microbial Home  

Philips unveils an elegant ‘Microbial Home’ concept | SmartPlanet

“Although these appliances won’t be manufactured any time soon, lifelike models of the concepts are currently on view at the Piet Hein Eek gallery during Dutch Design Week (which opened on October 22 and runs through October 30) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. While the thought of cooking dinner with gas harvested from bathroom waste might […]

Human Excrement to Blame for Coral Decline – ScienceNOW

“Coral reef ecologists have laid a persistent and troubling puzzle to rest. The elkhorn coral, named for its resemblance to elk antlers and known for providing valuable marine habitat, was once the Caribbean’s most abundant reef builder. But the “redwood of the coral forest” has declined 90% over the past decade, in part due to […]

Science Friday Video: An Outhouse For The Sea

“This toilet floats. It’s an outhouse and sewage-treatment plant in one, processing human waste through a “constructed wetlands.” Adam Katzman, the inventor and builder of the toilet-boat, says it’s meant to be more inspirational than practical. “Poop and Paddle” demonstrates how sewage and rainwater can be converted to cattails and clean water.” This is so […]

Science Friday Video: Growing A Wastewater Treatment Plant

“New York is testing out a new water scrubber at one of its wastewater treatment plants in Queens. Meet the algal turf scrubber–two 350-foot slides covered in green algae. Water flows down the slides, algae grows naturally, and then helps clean water that is sent over it. John McLaughlin, Director of Ecological Services for the […]

Mind-Altering Bugs – ScienceNOW

“Hundreds of species of bacteria call the human gut their home. This gut “microbiome” influences our physiology and health in ways that scientists are only beginning to understand. Now, a new study suggests that gut bacteria can even mess with the mind, altering brain chemistry and changing mood and behavior.” The indications are mounting that, […]

Your Gut Bacteria Are What You Eat – ScienceNOW

“A large European-Asian consortium brought some order to the chaos when it reported in a Nature paper in April that humanity can be roughly divided into three “enterotypes” depending on which genus of bacteria dominates in people’s gut: Bacteroides, Ruminococcus, or Prevotella. People’s enterotype appeared to be stable over time, but it remains unclear why […]

PLoS Biology: Endosymbiosis: Lessons in Conflict Resolution

“In sum, the past few years have witnessed a surge of new empirical and theoretical approaches to understand the dynamics of bacterial–insect relationships. These tools have shed light on the roles of recombination, selection, and mutation on endosymbiont genome evolution and have highlighted parameters that shape the outcome of genetic conflicts between hosts and symbionts. […]