International Human Microbe Program Looks Ahead – ScienceInsider

Indeed, Sharp said at the meeting, patients who come to Cleveland Clinic for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease express their own concerns about such approaches, which could include the use of probiotics, the consumption of live microorganisms, to treat intestinal and other maladies. “Many patients are worried about manipulating their gut microbiota,” Sharp said, adding […]

Research at Janelia: Life on the farm : Nature News & Comment

“But what happens next? Can Janelia Farm do ‘great science’ during the next 5 to 10 years? Will it pass Rubin’s deletion test? Can it rewrite the introductory biology texts (Cech’s favourite definition of great science), or foster “a couple of programmes that create a whole new direction” (Tjian’s favourite)? That is the great unanswerable […]

PLoS Biology: A Holistic Approach to Marine Eco-Systems Biology

“In summary, the Tara Oceans project leverages powerful new technologies and analytical tools to develop the first planetary-scale data collection effort that links biogeography with ecology, genetics, and morphology. Guided by the cross-disciplinary philosophy the pay-offs can be immense, considering the massive number of samples and data that have been collected, archived, and interconnected for […]

Culturomics: Word play : Nature News

“The point is this: like people, ideas need a social life. Introduce them to your friends. Help them develop good contacts. It’s worth it: more than any accolade or discovery, you get the pleasure of hanging out with ideas and with friends.” A comment by Erez Lieberman-Aiden on an article about him and his research […]

Less Bad vs. Good : Oscillator

“Should young, bright, and idealistic biotechnology students spend their summer coming up with technologies for oil companies to exploit so that they can more cleanly and efficiently pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, or should they be trying to come up with new fuels, new processes, new systems, new industries that can some day actually […]

Talk: The Future of Science Publishing

I think about the fusion of mobile and Web all the time. And I’ve been talking about and thinking about designing services and software for years. But I also was an academic researcher for about 10 years, with 18 co-authored papers. All this converged about a year and half ago when I met Matt Cockerill […]