What to do with so many layers of technological sediment?

Much to my wife’s frustration, I have a habit of holding on to old tech. So what’s in my basement? Computers A 1987 Mac II (16-bit 68020 chip!) with a 40MB drive and 5MB RAM (yes, I bought an extra 4MB). It also has a 8-bit card (color!) for the 8-bit Mac Monitor I have […]

Domestic-use in-vessel composters – really cool

I stumbled upon domestic-use in-vessel composters (on a lead from @harvestpower, of course). I had heard of in-vessel composting, but never realized that at least two companies created machines that you plug in, feed with your organic waste (with addition of saw dust), and out comes compost. As far as I can tell, the process […]

Science Friday Video: An Outhouse For The Sea

“This toilet floats. It’s an outhouse and sewage-treatment plant in one, processing human waste through a “constructed wetlands.” Adam Katzman, the inventor and builder of the toilet-boat, says it’s meant to be more inspirational than practical. “Poop and Paddle” demonstrates how sewage and rainwater can be converted to cattails and clean water.” This is so […]

Science Friday Video: Growing A Wastewater Treatment Plant

“New York is testing out a new water scrubber at one of its wastewater treatment plants in Queens. Meet the algal turf scrubber–two 350-foot slides covered in green algae. Water flows down the slides, algae grows naturally, and then helps clean water that is sent over it. John McLaughlin, Director of Ecological Services for the […]

Bill Gates Funds Human Waste To Biofuel Project In Ghana | Fast Company

“Developing countries lack both clean water and clean energy sources. By converting soiled water into energy and clean water, a new project could wipe away both problems.” Every since an organic waste conference I attended a few months ago, I’ve had anaerobic digestors on the mind – for farm, for municipal waste to energy, even […]

Presentation: Product Stewardship – Lynne Pledger

In one panel, I got upset that all recycling talk was about the consumer and the waste management companies. I asked what about producer responsibility. To my surprise, I found out that there is very little Extended Producer Responsibility in the US. Having lived in Europe and worked at Nokia, I thought it was normal […]

Presentation: Product Stewardship Session – Kate Hagemann

More on Extended Product Responsibility in the US. Bookmarked in Delicious. Read this article…

Presentation: What’s In Your Trash – Michael Alexander

Great presentation on what it would take to get to zero waste. Michael was a great presenter as well. What’s really cool is that the US is hovering around 25% (35% for MA) waste diversion. And it wouldn’t take much to get to 50%. Indeed, this presentation shows examples of towns that have gone beyond […]

Presentation: A Closer Look at Our Garbage – Alan Kirschner

Great study commissioned by the state of MA to find out what was ending up at some of the state's big recycling centers. Already the raw data are starting discussions into new policies and behavioral modification. For example, carpets and clothing showed up in significant enough amount to get the state to consider how to […]

MassRecycle 2011 Conference Presentations

Presentations from the Organics Waste and Recycling event held at the end of March. It was great and I’ll link to some of the presentations. Bookmarked in Delicious. Read this article…