Victims of the Content Explosion – Unite!

It goes without saying that blogging from a mobile phone, with it’s smaller screen, T9 text input, and mostly offline existence, is not the same experience as blogging from a PC (or Mac) with a large screen, full sized keyboard, and usually full-time online connection. What I really miss is a simple app for my […]


In addition to Nature’s Ice, full of hope from the heavens, we have Zamboni Ice, full of blood, sweat, and teeth.

Twilight – Moon and Venus

You can barely see Venus on the bottom right.

Tools abound on desktops, but not phones

I am a phone guy, very attached to my Nokia Series 60 phone, currently a Nokia 6600 (I’ve used the 7650 and 3650 as well). One main reason for being a late blooming blogger is because I don’t sit a computer all day nor do I carry one around (other than my phone). I have […]

From a desktop

I suppose every weblog starts with self-exploratory statements about why and when and whom. Indeed, I rember doing such stuff when I first started my Geocities pages in the Frontier Days of the Web. Back then and now, I knew that for most of us the act of going on the Web was not an […]

The expanse of a Finnish lake in winter

Beauty. Late winter sun. White.