Boob tubing

Boob tubing Originally uploaded by schickr. Seriously delayed, sitting at the gate at Heathrow. Watchin’ a vid.

Mais que …

Mais que … Originally uploaded by schickr.

Potatohenge with meat lintel

Potatohenge with meat lintel Originally uploaded by schickr.

Ovi by Nokia

Busy right now, but wanted to let you all know that is what’s kept me away for all this time. Oh, we’re not done yet, won’t be for a while, but we hope to start trickling out stuff by the end of the year. Really exciting, if you want to know. When I get […]

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Ovi by Nokia Watch this space for my baby! (tags: nokia ovi services web music games maps photos socialsoftware)

Definitely not Full English

Definitely not Full English Originally uploaded by schickr. Matt’s usual, at the Zetter

City of Westminster, Dwelling no. 20

City of Westminster, Dwelling no. 20 Originally uploaded by schickr. Around the corner from Fjord


Lemmeout Originally uploaded by schickr.

You shall not pass

You shall not pass Originally uploaded by schickr. Acted as translator for these guys. A Chilean woman had come to visit her friend but made the mistake of not getting a return ticket. She’d come from another city in Europe. So much for free flow of people in Europe.

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Clive Thompson on How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense But here’s my bet: The animating genius behind Twitter will live on in future apps. That tactile sense of your community is simply too much fun, too useful — and it makes the group more than the sum of its parts. (tags: sixthsense 6thsense newempathy […]