Awesome Clay Shirky interview (with a side-comment that cuts too close)

Glenn Fleishman did a great interview (back in March) of Clay Shirky on the topics in Clay’s new book ‘Here Comes Everybody’. Clay, as always, has some great stories to tell. Glenn is pretty good too. Yeah, you should go and download the interview from Glenn’s pages (link below). The whole interview is great, but […]

More Earth presence on Mars

Call me an optimist, but I think it’s inevitable that Earth-folk will eventually be wandering over Mars. Eh, not sure if it will happen in my lifetime or in my children’s. I’m taking a long term view on this. But last night, one more entry has been made in the time line: NASA set down […]

Plaxo is acquired by Comcast, Zyb by Vodafone

Ok. This is last week’s news. But, I am not seeing much discussion about this. Why? Mashable picked it up right away. But not one person commented on Plaxo’s own site (link below). Is this significant? Does it matter? Does this remind you of 1999 when Telcos bought Web-heads and did nothing with them? FWIW, […]

From my sideline seat, Thompson Reuters seems awfully archaic

Can someone please explain to me how and why Thompson Reuters Scientific has such a grip on scientific journal Impact Factors? If you look at the list of various indexing services, you can see that they are all brushed aside for Thompson Reuters. It seems to me that unless a journal is indexed by Thompson […]

Mechstreams – when machines start lifestreaming with us

Ok, so lifestreaming is the rage of ’08, what with SocialThing! and Friendfeed and all similar services hogging all the attention. But I also see something that’s been bubbling under the surface that I call ‘mechstreams’. I see machines edging in as equals in our lifestreaming services, sending out streams of data indicating what they […]

Hm… 2Mpix trumps 5Mpix?

What do you make of this? From Flickr: Camera Finder

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Nokia will kill Google – Cat Calling (tags: google nokia advertising adsense mobile industry businessmodels microsoft yahoo)

links for 2008-05-12

Social media focus groups (tags: crowdsourcing marketing social SocialMedia twitter Research marketresearch crowd_sourcing mahalo) THINK / Musings / Dimensionalizing the web [via GigaOm] I hope these five areas have helped define and frame how to think about alternative data dimensions on the web. (tags: noise web webDesign webdev strategy interesting internet interface design)

SwitchAbit as the great data switchboard in the cloud

Just stumbled upon this (no longer remember how): Link: At SwitchAbit, Twittergram Shares a Common Future – GigaOM So what is a SwitchAbit? Think of it as a web services switchboard that allows you to plug any type of content from one service (say Flickr) to another (say Twitter) — or even between multiple services. […]