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Your Health: Can pain be predicted? – "Growing evidence suggests that we are born with different vulnerabilities to pain — and that early painful experiences and other matters shape us in ways that can profoundly affect our responses." (tags: pain medicine human biology psychology genetics)

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StatusNet | Open Source microblogging service (tags: socialsoftware socialnetworking microblogging peertopeer) Inc. Makes April Issue Without Entering Office – "But in the end, most employees discovered that they could and should work out of the office more often — though they did not want to eliminate the office entirely." (tags: office working life society […]

StatusNet – can this lead to P2P social networking?

StatusNet is the open source microblogging platform that helps you share and connect in real-time within your own domain. via I keep coming back to the thought a life not mediated by the cloud. One manifestation of this would be a peer-peer social networking, some internet-plumbed service that does not require a central server.

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Greater Worcester Community Foundation (tags: funding fundraising nonprofit philanthropy nonprofits foundation communityfoundation grants) FOUNDATION FOR METROWEST | Home Page (tags: funding fundraising nonprofit philanthropy nonprofits foundation communityfoundation grants) The Boston Foundation (tags: funding fundraising nonprofit philanthropy boston nonprofits foundation communityfoundation grants)

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SXSW 2010: Fieldnotes | (tags: book books fieldnotes idea notebook pod writing publishing sxsw printondemand printing print guidebook papernet) SXSW Fieldnotes – a set on Flickr (tags: books publishing writing notebook clever design layout futureofpublishing pod printondemand lulu fieldnotes)

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Synthetic Aesthetics, exploring the territory between art, design and synthetic biology – we make money not art (tags: synthbio design art program academia engineering science biology cool)

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SXSW Interactive Sketchnotes 10 – @soupiset. (( tag: #sxsw,#sketchnotes, #futurebook )) – soupiset's posterous (tags: futureofpublishing books writing sxsw cool sketchnotes futurebook)

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Mary J. Ray, oldest person in the US, dead at 114 – The Boston Globe "Ray was just a few days younger than the oldest person in the world, Kama Chinen of Japan, who is 114 years and 303 days. There are now 75 people aged 110 or older in the world (known as supercentenarians), […]

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Do scientists really need a PhD? : Article : Nature "Young scientists at a Chinese genomics institute are foregoing conventional postgraduate training for the chance to be part of major scientific initiatives. Is this the way of the future?" Maybe it's just time to re-evaluate our structure and flow of academic apprenticeship. I keep comparing […]

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BenchFly – Science Videos, Laboratory Techniques and Current Protocols Hm. One more thing that proves I'm a thinker and not a do-er. I was thinking how cool would it be to create a web site full of videos to teach folks about certain techniques and such (particularly safety). Here's pretty much the same thing. But […]