Trend: Probiotics, and a commentary

When I lived in the US in the 90s, it was hard to find live-culture yogurt in supermarkets (you could find them in natural food stores, of course). The only one I could find was Stonyfield yogurt. When I lived in Finland, not only were there a bunch of live-culture milk products, but there was […]

Fortify your poop – Transfaunation

As you know, I’m always looking for practical uses of microbes. One that I stumbled upon a long while back was “transfaunation”, or, seeding one person’s gut with microbes from another’s. Yes, transfering poop microbes from one to another. Be an adult. Don’t get grossed out. I’ve read some great papers on the process how […]

Domestic-use in-vessel composters – really cool

I stumbled upon domestic-use in-vessel composters (on a lead from @harvestpower, of course). I had heard of in-vessel composting, but never realized that at least two companies created machines that you plug in, feed with your organic waste (with addition of saw dust), and out comes compost. As far as I can tell, the process […]

A massive comfort : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

“Widely described as the point of no return, the event horizon of SgrA* would be the largest in our skies, but still just 30 microarcseconds across — the apparent size of a tennis ball on the Moon when viewed from Earth. To capture its image would be a stunning technical achievement in itself, but it […]

Fuel From Waste? – ScienceNOW

“A team led by Jay Keasling, a bioengineer at the Joint BioEnergy Institute in Emeryville, California, worked to extend the strategy to make more commonly used fuels. They used Escherichia coli, a bacterium into which it’s relatively easy to insert new genes. They started by creating two strains of E. coli, inserting genes for breaking […]

Pause for station identification

I seem to be overdue for a station identification. And, all the more urgent, as I was recently mentioned in an article in the NYT (why, oh, why do I always miss these traffic spikes?). So, hello, all of you who still stick around here to read my ramblings. And, hello, to all of you […]