Oral culture: Snapchat, deleting streams, and, now, Banter

I have two teens and it has been fascinating to see how they approach the permanence of text and images. The digitization of the world has challenged how we keep things – partly due to format changes, partly due to the ability to save everything. Until you’ve had a catastrophe that makes you lose years […]

TSA and faux terror theatre

Disclaimer: My family has a long history living in, speaking out against, and escaping trouble from totalitarian governments. So, please understand that I have a terrible allergy towards anything that smacks of police-state bullshit. They’re Such Asses – shoes set me off I’ve always called TSA “Faux Terror Theatre”. Looking back at my posts, those […]

Google Maps as traffic cop in the sky?

I am a very heavy user of Google Maps, even when I know where I’m going. It’s a pretty good* predictor of current travel time and traffic patterns. A few times lately, I’ve also had to use it to circumvent traffic snarls (one time enjoying rural New Jersey near Pennsylvania). Then, one day, during a […]

The chocolate and peanut butter method of ideation

Just a thought. Sometimes for me to generate new ideas I randomly grab different topics (the more different the better) that interest me and explore what they means together. Just like chocolate and peanut butter might not have been obvious (or peanut butter and bananas, or bananas and Nutella), they turn out to be my […]

Are EMR systems in the 10s like AOL in the 90s?

I’ve been getting a feeling that EMR systems, while here, are a decade late. While I am totally in favor of digitizing the patient, what EMR vendors set out to do – capture patient encounter information in a structured way – is no longer appropriate or scalable, at least in the way they chose that […]

Why can’t health be a sufficient incentive?

There have been a slew of consumer healthcare devices that have come to market ranging from fancy pedometers and activity meters to apps that track your every move to a toothbrush. Yes, an intelligent, app-connected, electronic toothbrush. I am all for tracking behaviors. Quantifying behaviors can be used to detect depression or Alzheimer’s  or even […]