My narrative writing


An excerpt from my short novel “Storylines” (2011)

Here is a sampling of some short stories I’ve written:

When Wolf and Rabbit walked the Appalachian Trail
Love, life, happiness. (short short)

Puzled Monkey
A crazy short-short I wrote for some crazy friends.

Monkey business
Short-short about 3 monkeys, a clever crow, and one unlucky animal-trainer.

One night
A global story of one night in the mobile life. Written for Vodafone’s receiver magazine. Made into a podcast, too.

So it’s come to this
A story based on the great Transportation Safety Authority (TSA). Occasionally beocmes relevant as the TSA changes the rules arbitrarily.

Deep thinking while up in the stratosphere.

The Depths of Thought and the Inquiry into Our Spirit
Something I wrote eons ago, wondering at the difference between humans and other animals.

A short-short about the relentless pressure we feel in life.

Did she get out of bed for a glass of water?
Deep deep loss and saddness and moving on. (short short)

updated: 07jan11

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