Where I’ve spoken, where I’ll speak

Here’s a list of some public talks and interviews over the past few years*

Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop (Muncie, 17 May 2016) – Keynote: “Accelerating Healthcare Analytics with External Data”

Health Innovators – December Event (Boston, 10 December 2015) – Panelist: “Making the Most of Big Data in Healthcare”
Connected Healthcare Conference 2015 (San Diego, 18-19 June 2015) – Panel moderator: “Medical data: accessibility, simplicity, and privacy.”
Technology State House Day 2015: The Internet of Things in Massachusetts (Boston, 12 May 2015) – Round table on Connected Health. Article on event. Flickr stream.

MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference (Boston, 03 December 2014) – Panel moderator: “The Convergence of Healthcare and the Digital Consumer”
AnalyticsStreet Boston (Boston, 06-07 November 2014) – Panelist: “Build vs Buy in Analytics”
When Opportunity Knocks…Navigating Job Transitions
 (Amherst, 12 September 2014) – Leading a professional development discussion with UMass graduate students.
Interview: Want to Know When You’ll Die? ‘Big Data’ Could Tell You Newsweek (July 2014)
Interview: Mass Technology Leadership Council’s Big Data and Healthcare Report 2014 (May 2014) – Based on discussions with local healthcare and big data leaders.
Interview: Big Data’s Impact on Social Services Social Work Today (March/April 2014)
Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit (NYC, 26 March 2014) – Speaker: “Data View” on big data, healthcare, and cognitive computing. Article: “Making Sense of Big Data for Today’s Health Care Sector
AnalyticsWeek Boston (Cambridge, 25 March 2014) – Panel moderator: “Health Informatics Day: Big Data Analytics in Health”

2013 MIT Innovations in Health Care Conference (Cambridge, 03-04 December 2013) – Panelist
The Economist’s Health Care Forum 2013 (Boston, 12 November 2013) – Panelist: “Using Big Data: Healthier Performance.” Video of session.
9th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference (Boston, 06-07 November 2013) – Panelist: “Big Data Meets Clinical Practice”
Interview: Seattle Children’s Hospital Upgrades to IBM PureData to Improve Care, Data Informed (16 July 2013)
Interview: Audio interview with host Frank Baia, President, Globalspeak (03 July 2013) How big data and analytics improve rural diagnosis and treatment decisions, are used to better understand epidemiology of rural population challenges, Watson’s role, plus more.
Big Data for Pharma Educational Symposium (Philadelphia, 08-09 May 2013) – Roundtable leader on both days; show-closing keynote: “Pulling It All Together: Identifying the Core Benefits of Big Data and Deciding Next Steps For Your Organization”
MassTLC Mobile and Healthcare Seminar (Cambridge, 07 May 2013) – Panel moderator: “Connected Health – The Future of Managing Health and Wellness?”
Genomics in Business (Amsterdam 08 April, 2013) – Speaker in session: “The challenge of big data analysis”
Interview: IBM, EME Big Data Aids Traumatic Brain Injury Patients at UCLA, eWEEK (13 Mar 2013)

Real World Data and Health Outcomes
conference (Boston, 30 November, 2012) – Panelist: “Real World Product Design using Real World Data”
Big Data in Healthcare: An Industry-Defining Evolution (NYC, 26 November, 2012) – Panelist (some tweets from the event on Storify, compiled by @HealthcareWen)
The 13th Annual HBS Health Industry Alumni Conference
(Cambridge, 18 October 2012) – Panelist: “Healthcare & Big Data: Turning Data into Knowledge”
Predictive and Social Media Analytics, and the world of Big Data (Minneapolis, 21 May 2012) – On Executive Roundtable, Breakout session on Outcomes Analytics, and gave a talk on the Predictive Power of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare. VIDEO of talk.
Interview: How IBM’s Big Data Guy Found a Career in Chaos, Fast Company (04 Apr 2012), as part of their Generation Flux series
Interview: When Breakthroughs Begin at Home, NYTimes (16 Jan 2012)
Interview: Open bio lab scopes out DNA (31 Jan 2012), Boston Herald. Alas, it’s been archived behind a pay wall.

Healthcare New Media Marketing conference (Chicago, 23-24 May 2011) – Speaker: “Effective Healthcare Use of Facebook: The Social Network of Continued Success”; Panelist: “Great Information, but Now What? Putting Social Media Tools to Use”
NEDRA 24th Annual Conference (Boston, 09-10 May 2011) – Panelist: “Social Media and Beyond”
Ingite Amherst (Amherst, 08 Feb 2011) – Speaker, DIYbio

Babson’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Forum (Wellesley, 15 April 2010) – Moderator. Panel on the impact of social media on health care.
DIYBio and Synthbio roundtable (UMass Amherst, 07 April 2010) – An open discussion on DIYbio, Synthetic biology, and how it impacts institutional science.

next conference 2009 (Hamburg, 05-06 May 2009) – Speaker. Mobile trends.
Marketing 2.0 Conference (30-31 March 2009) – Speaker. Social Media.
3rd WLE Mobile Learning Symposium (London, 27 March 2009) – Keynote [Notes. Presentation. Related video.] European Patent Office (Munich, 03 March 2009) – Speaker. Social Media.
Digital Lifestyle Days (Munich, 25-28 January 2009)- Speaker

New Media Days (Copenhagen, 08-09 October 2008) – Panel on mobile media
Mobile 2.0 Europe (Barcelona, 04 July 2008) – Panel on mobile social media

mLearn – (Melbourne, 17-19 October 2007) – Keynote – ‘The Mobile Lifestyle: How the fusion of the mobile and the Internet have changed the way we live, learn, and play.’ Also, on closing panel.

Le Web 3 – (Paris, 10-11 December 2006) – Ended up on the panel on mobile 2.0 and mobile social networking (two panels combined).

Les Blogs 2 (Paris, 05-06 December 2005) – I was on the panel “Closing session: the future” (video)
Europe Direct Marketing (Berlin, 11-12 May 2005) – Keynote on blogging
Les Blogs (Paris, 25 April 2005) – Opening panel on “Where are we going?”

*these do not count public talks at Nokia (2001-2009), Children’s (2009-2011), IBM (2011-2014), or Atigeo (2014-2016) events – there have been lots of those

(updated: 06sep17)

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