International Human Microbe Program Looks Ahead – ScienceInsider

Indeed, Sharp said at the meeting, patients who come to Cleveland Clinic for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease express their own concerns about such approaches, which could include the use of probiotics, the consumption of live microorganisms, to treat intestinal and other maladies. “Many patients are worried about manipulating their gut microbiota,” Sharp said, adding […]

Probiotics (MCP-1084) – Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

A Global Strategic Business Report This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Probiotics in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for each region for the period 2007 through 2015. Also, a seven-year historic analysis is […]

Global probiotics market approaching $30bn by 2015: Report

“Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicts the global probiotics market will be worth $28.8bn by 2015, even though the market is still considered to be in infancy. “ I like this. Read this article…

Retail biology – Trade Secrets Blog | Nature Publishing Group

“Just as fortunes were made by the designers and manufacturers of the humble mouse mat after the launch of the Apple Macintosh, we are likely to see consumer products exponentially increasing. It is difficult for us now to fully appreciate the number of tiny ICT devices that populate our cars, kitchen goods and even children’s […]

PLoS Pathogens: Selection of Resistant Bacteria at Very Low Antibiotic Concentrations

“These results add another dimension to the evolution of resistance and suggest that the low antibiotic concentrations found in many natural environments are important for enrichment and maintenance of resistance in bacterial populations.” I get a feeling that antibiotics will soon become as archaic as blood-letting. The sooner we deal with the consequences that any […]

Brown calls change to brewery rules a ‘job-killer’ –

“Senator Scott Brown yesterday condemned a rule change at the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission that beer makers say could harm 25 craft brewers in Massachusetts, and even put some smaller companies out of business. The ABCC issued the revised rule, which has yet to be finalized, earlier this week. It would require the roughly […]

Region awash in a new wave of wee breweries with big plans – The Boston Globe

“Where others see barroom taps crowded with beer options, Chris Lohring sees opportunity brewing.” A nice article on the state of breweries in the region, the business, and the entrepreneurs. Quite exciting. As for me, I’ll stick to small time 5-gal brewing. Read this article…

Photos: Mass. breweries and their top beers –

“Brewing good beer isn’t something unique to Ireland, Germany, or the mountains of Vermont. In fact, there are quite a few craft breweries in Massachusetts that find an appreciative customer base both inside and beyond the borders of the Bay State. “Here are 10 breweries and brewpubs that produce their suds in the state, as […]

Photos: Local craft breweries are on the rise –

“A new wave of niche breweries is the most noteworthy since the mid-1990s. New England is playing catch-up with California and other parts of the country already experiencing their own craft beer boomlets.” Take a look at the inner workings of a brewery. Read this article…

Sociometric Solutions deploying digital ‘dog tags’ to track employee interactions –

“The digital dog tag, which Watertown-based Sociometric Solutions calls the “sociometric badge,” has a built-in microphone that can gauge how much you talk (versus how much you listen); an accelerometer that can tell how much you sit versus how much you move around; and an infrared sensor that can tell when you’re facing other people […]