The Coral Reef is sick: Twitter is now Stumblr.

Shel Israel is a long time veteran, on the leading edge of internet services. As a big Twitter user, he’s written an open letter to the Twitter team, speaking for the users, pointing out the precarious position Twitter is moving themselves into as they start having prime-time outages.

Evan is a sly dog who knows well the ups and downs of a start-up. I think he _has_ been honest and open with his thinking on a wide range of entrepreneurial desires and decisions.

Yet, the coral reef is sick. Evan and Biz and Jack need to get back on track, not pull a Jaiku,* and grow-up by setting Twitter on a solid financial path.

Link: [via @alexdc]: Global Neighbourhoods: An Open Letter to the Twitter Guys:

To: Evan Williams & Biz Stone

RE: Fix it before we nix it

*Hm, with Jaiku and Twitter stumbling in the past few months, now is the time for the next service to come and pounce on these grumbling networks of friends and help them migrate en masse.