What is 777labs?

777labs_consultancyFor the past 20 years, I have been helping folks in marketing and sales identify, target, build, and nurture customer relationships, market opportunities, and brand growth. I have either led or heavily influenced sales strategies, marketing efforts, or solution design and development, giving me a unique perspective as to how strategy and execution cut across key areas of an organization and affect their customers.

My goal is to make this experience available through 777labs. I want to help my clients build an engagement strategy, whether the customer is another business or a consumer of a service or product. And I want to help build the content that enables the client to deliver on that strategy, be it sales content to provide the sales staff competency and credibility, or clever tweets and blog posts.

This is what I have been doing for decades, and this is what I enjoy doing.

A list what I offer
Marketing: Digital marketing strategy, Content strategy, Social media strategy, Marketing strategy, Marketing content, Brand building, Marketing analytics, Community management

Sales: Customer engagement strategy, Sales strategy, Sales content, Sales training, Sales analytics

Solution design: Mobile service design strategy, Web service design strategy, Product and solution marketing, Solution design strategy, Data enrichment strategy

Healthcare, in particular
While I can do these things for companies in practically any industry, I’d like to focus on one industry I have extensive experience in: healthcare. I’m particularly interested in providing guidance to clients who are not traditional healthcare companies, but who are building a healthcare vertical or are interested in figuring out how to enter the healthcare market.

Contact me
If you are a company looking to take your product or service into healthcare, or you want to grow your digital health or patient engagement activities, 777labs can help. You can contact me, Charlie Schick, at firstname.lastname@777labs.co.