Fidgeting with phones

With all the craziness around fidget spinners, I just wanted to point out that back in the day, we used to talk about the ability to fondle Nokia phone. We felt that for hand-held objects, understanding how folks might hold, fondle, and fidget with them should be incorporated into the design.

Some phones had a specific spot on the back for you to place your index finger while holding the phone during a call. And Nokia spent a lot of time figuring out phone material textures.

Many phones had curves that the phone could pivot on, letting you spin it on a table. I was very much the type to idly spin my phone on tables. Alas, I could not spin it in my hand like this dude.

Also there were some phones that would dance or spin when vibrating.

Every iPhone I had I’ve tried to see if it could spin. Kinda sad to see the preponderance of flat black monoliths with a protruding camera at one corner killing the joy of fidgeting with my phone.

Did you have a favorite phone you fidgeted with?