Cool sky

Outside of Tampere. On the way to Luhalahti, just north of the town of Nokia.


A friend is returning to the US and left us an immense bag of goodies (and not so goodies – they admit it) of mostly American food. Looks like my mother’s pantry.

Moving from a Nokia 6600 to a Nokia 7610 to use Lifeblog

I will repeat this less often later, but for now I wanted you all to know that all the tips here are unsupported. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t try anything! Many of these tips are for those who know how to mess with their Series 60 phones. Just wanted to share […]

Hacking Lifeblog

Just wanted to let the more intrepid Lifeblog users know that the Lifeblog files and data are not hidden by the application. The database is there for you to browse (if you know what you are doing) and the data files and thumbnails are also equally available in an easy to understand and consistent file […]

Some suggestions on Lifeblog from Christian Lindholm

Christian Lindholm has put up a list of things to do with Lifeblog. He’s the leader of the team and like the rest of us, has become a big user of Lifeblog.

The start

Last week I was at the Blog On conference in Berkeley, CA, USA. It was great (more on it later). But, being around such esteemed bloggers, got me thinking once more about blogging about Lifeblog. Rather than start a separate blog on another address, it turned out to be easier for me to set up […]

BlogOn begins

First general session on social media