Moving from a Nokia 6600 to a Nokia 7610 to use Lifeblog

I will repeat this less often later, but for now I wanted you all to know that all the tips here are unsupported. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t try anything! Many of these tips are for those who know how to mess with their Series 60 phones.

Just wanted to share how I managed to move my messages to my 7610 from my 6600, so that they could be included into Lifeblog:

  1. Make a back up on your PC of your 6600 MMC and your 7610 MMC!
  2. I cut and pasted all my files from my 6600 MMC to a RS-MMC for the 7610 (this deletes all the content on the 7610 MMC – but you made a back up, right?).
  3. I put the RS-MMC and adapter back into the 6600.
  4. I set my message store to be the MMC. This transferred all my messages and email settings and such to the RS-MMC.
  5. I put the RS-MMC into my 7610 and then set the messaging app on that to save to the MMC. But since I already had my messages on the MMC, it just revealed all the messages that were on my 6600. 😉
  6. I installed Lifeblog on the 7610 MMC and then let Lifeblog collect the items on my MMC.
  7. All the messages that I transferred from my 6600 were now in my Lifeblog!


A few other notes:

  • I didn’t have to transfer my photos since I have always saved them to the MMC.
  • If you want to keep all the apps that come on the 7610 MMC, then you will have to try something else.
  • I don’t know if this will work with the 3650, since it is a different version of the platform (I’ve been trying without luck). Also, it seems like there is a timestamp difference between the 3650 and the 6600. The 3650 put in the GMT time if GMT offset is used, while the 6600 put in the real phone time. That means that whenever I transfer images from the 3650 into my Lifeblog, the time stamp is off by the GMT offset. How annoying.

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  1. Im using Nokia 6600 and now I got problem… when Im trying to open gallery I need to wait a long time but not nothing… always loading…

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