Hacking Lifeblog

Just wanted to let the more intrepid Lifeblog users know that the Lifeblog files and data are not hidden by the application. The database is there for you to browse (if you know what you are doing) and the data files and thumbnails are also equally available in an easy to understand and consistent file structure.

I have already spoken with a few folks who have discovered these neat little things and have begun thinking of what they could do, such as scripts for posting to their own blog or to do back ups or other manipulations.

If you do come up with a hack for Lifeblog, let me know by commenting here. I’d like to check it out and make it available to others (with your permission, of course).

Of course, none of these hacks are supported (I need to say that, since I work on the Lifeblog team). Mess around at your own risk!